How to Have More Fun in Life?

How to Have More Fun in Life?

I’M KOLOR helps you to have more FUN!
  1. Wear a new piece of clothing!
  2. Challenge yourself to make a new friend today
  3. Wink at someone
  4. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  5. Challenge someone to a foot race
  6. Wear polka dots
  7. Rock out to a new playlist
  8. Play with Nerf guns, they are always fun!
  9. Snuggle a puppy
  10. Plants some flowers
  11. Look up at the clouds
  12. Walk barefoot through grass
  13. Hula hoop competition
  14. Perform a random act of kindness
  15. Learn a new joke
  16. Write a love note
  17. Take a nap
  18. Explore nature
  19. Play some Frisbee
  20. Paint your toenails neon pink
  21. Ride a bike
  22. Have a sleepover and watch something funny with your friends
  23. Play charades 
  24. Have breakfast in the open air
  25. Go on a hike with your friends or family
  26. Have a picnic
  27. Treat yourself to a SPA evening
  28. Try learning dances by watching YouTube tutorials
  29. Take a photo session
  30. Shop online
  31. Invite a friend over for tea, coffee or a fun cocktail hour


Look Your Best with IMKOLOR!
Enjoy and come and share how you had fun lately!
With love,



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