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Rotating Aluminium Stand Holder For ipad tablet 9.7 10.2 10.5 11 inch

Rotating Aluminium Stand Holder For ipad tablet 9.7 10.2 10.5 11 inch

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This rotating aluminium stand holder for ipad is a multi-functional tablet stand that is designed to hold your tablet in either portrait or landscape mode. The lightweight design of this stand means that it is easy to carry around and perfect for use on the go. This stand is also suitable for other tablets as well. The 360-degree rotation of this stand means that you can use your tablet in any orientation, with the stand being able to rotate at a 180-degree angle. This stand can also be used as a portrait or landscape easel and has a magnetic cover which makes it easy to use as a case for your tablet.

Model Number: For 7.9 9.7 10.5 11 inch Tablet
Material: Metal
Feature 1: 270° Rotatable angle
Feature 2: Aluminum alloy
Feature 3: Have Non-slip rubber mat
Feature 4: for 3.5 - 11 inch phone/tablet
Feature 5: for work/viewing/video calls
Feature 6: Simple and stylish design
Feature 7: Rugged and resistant to falling.
Colour: Black/silver/rose gold/gold/red
Suitable for 1: For xiaomi tablet / phone
Suitable for 2: For Samsung tablet / phone
Suitable for 3: For Huawei tablet / phone
Suitable for 4: For iPad / iPhone
Suitable for 5: For Lenovo tablet / phone
Suitable for 6: Universal 3.5 inch - 11 inch phone/tablet

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